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Whether you’re interested in building a new home for an adopted child, a step-parent, or a relative trying to adopt a grandchild, niece, or nephew following procedures and preparing necessary documentation is important if you hope to avoid delays and complications. At the Oklahoma City law office of Christopher A. Wood, we guide families through the process, filing and preparing papers and appearing in court when necessary. Working closely with clients, we remove the uncertainty and anxiety experienced by many when undertaking what can be complicated, confusing legal proceedings.

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Adoption - An Overview

Adoption is a way of creating a legal parent-child relationship. Through adoption, a parent other than the birth parent becomes legally responsible for the child’s physical, material and emotional well-being. Adoption is becoming more common as a positive way to form a family. If you are interested in adopting a child, contact an adoption attorney in your area. Adoption attorneys are well-versed in your state’s adoption laws and can answer your questions about adoption.

Open vs. Closed Adoption

In the past, most adoptions were closed, meaning the adoptive parents and birth parents had no contact before or after the child was adopted. Today, domestic adoptions in the United States are moving toward open adoptions, where all the parties to an adoption meet beforehand and often remain in each other’s lives.

Termination of Parental Rights

Before a child can be adopted, the child’s legal ties to their birth parents must be severed. This process can be stressful for adoptive parents, who may worry that complications will increase the length of the process or prevent a successful adoption altogether.

How to Finance an Adoption

The expenses associated with adopting vary according to the type of adoption you pursue and where your child is from. Such expenses can include application fees, the cost of the social worker's home study, court costs, adoptive parent training, prenatal and delivery medical expenses, foster care fees, orphanage donations, foreign fees and travel costs. These costs can quickly mount, leaving you discouraged about your ability to afford an adoption. But there are resources available to help you defray the costs of adoption, including loans, grants, employer benefits, tax credits and others. Oklahoma attorney Christopher A. Wood offers a payment plan to give families time to pay all the fees of an adoption.

For an Oklahoma step-parent adoption, with consent of the parents, Oklahoma City, attorney Christopher A. Wood charges a flat fee of $2,100.  This includes all court costs and fees.  The only cost not included is for a home study which is not required as long as you have been married for one year before the Adoption Decree is entered.  Payment plans are available for stepparent adoptions.

For an Oklahoma grandparent adoption, with the consent of the parents, Oklahoma City attorney Christopher A. Wood charges a flat fee of $2,100.  This includes all court costs and fees. The required home study is not included in the cost.  Payment plans are available for grandparent adoptions.

Step-Parent Adoptions

Sometimes, helping build a new family involves more than providing life’s necessities and a home for you and your stepchildren. At the Oklahoma City law office of Christopher A. Wood, we shepherd step parents through the process of adoption, taking steps to terminate parental rights and complete an adoption that will eliminate any future claims to custody or visitation.  Committed to protecting what’s best for children, we’re prepared to document neglect, abandonment, and lack of involvement on the part of a biological parent who tries to challenge a step parent’s adoption of their child. With over 20 years of experience as a family law attorney, Christopher A. Wood understands how to prepare and investigate a case and put the law on the side of his clients.

As a step-parent, your rights to the children you have been raising are limited if something unexpected and tragic should happen to your spouse.  You may be the only mom or dad that they have known.  Yet, if your spouse was to pass away, an absent parent could take immediate custody, leaving you with a difficult and emotional battle at the worst possible time.  An adoption in these cases is like life insurance for your child, taking the step out of step-parent.

Step-parents can adopt children if the biological parent consents or without their consent when certain grounds are established.  The two most common grounds are the failure to pay child support or failure to maintain a significant and positive relationship with the minor child.   The relevant time period that the Court will consider is the fourteen months before the Petition for Adoption is filed.  If a parent has failed, refused, or neglected to contribute to the support of the minor child in substantial compliance with a court order the Judge can terminate their parental rights even if they do not consent.  Or, if there is no Court Order for child support, then the Judge can determine if they have failed to contribute support according to such parent's financial ability.

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Being Prepared is Key

It’s important to document your involvement with your stepchildren. Since the court always maintains what is in the best interest of children, you will need to establish the role you play in the life of your stepchildren. In order to satisfy the court, providing the following can be helpful to your case:

  • Daily log of taking children to school, the doctor, sports activities, etc.
  • Photos of birthday and holiday celebrations where you were present
  • Vacation photos or videos with you and your stepchildren
  • Records of medical bills paid for by you for your stepchildren
  • Records of support provided by the parent who is having their rights terminated
  • Records of visits and telephone calls of the parent who is having their rights terminated

Helping Families Prepare for Their Future

As a family law and adoption practice, we understand how important it is to help families help themselves. Recognizing the confusing and complicated nature of some adoption proceedings, as your lawyer Christopher A. Wood’s door is always open. Accessible and flexible, as a private law office with minimal overhead we’re prepared to adapt to your needs while providing affordable rates.

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