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At the Oklahoma City Law Office of Christopher A. Wood, we’re dedicated to solving legal problems and helping people get their lives back on track. No one enjoys going through a divorce, declaring bankruptcy, or sorting through an adoption. That’s why our office staff works closely with clients, keeping track of documentation and organizing case materials in order to ease the burden of families and individuals confronting an uncertain future. Of course, knowing you have people on your side dedicated to protecting your interests is an important component in having peace of mind. 


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Uncontested Divorce

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​Our office takes extra steps to relieve you of the burden and worry often associated with divorce.

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With concerns over COVID-19, we can meet much of your legal needs online and limit your exposure. 

Call our office at (405) 525-5005 to schedule a telephone or video appointment today. 

At the law office of Christopher A. Wood & Associates, we specialize in step parent and grandparent adoptions

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We're at the forefront of ever-changing bankruptcy laws and will help you navigate the l​egal system.

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